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Mango and blueberry flavored creative drink


This styleframes are the final result of the Domestika class: Design 3D sets for products. Taking this project as a personal space to learn and try everything that I wanted. I created the product and the brief from scratch to simulate a real client’s needs. The product is a creative drink with mango and blueberry flavor. Made of abstraction juice, geometry seeds, signs pulp and mango and blueberry digital flavoring.

After the brand and product development, I worked on key visual proposals to be used as styleframes for this advertising spot following the creative process of the course. I brought the project one step forward, delivering the entire animation to be able to catch the whole picture of product visualization projects and improve my art direction skills.

Ingredients: Abstraction juice, geometry seeds, signs pulp and mango and blueberry digital flavoring

Advice: Drink before brainstorming sessions

Warning: Allow clients to drink this product, and will be under your own responsibility.


The main goals of this project are to move toward 3D product visualization, be able to establish a creative process to approach this kind of project, and above all, bring down a full case of study on my portfolio to pursue similar commissions. Altogether, these goals helped me to improve my skills to solve communication problems in a field that I didn’t explore before 3D Product Shot.


The process started with the creation of the product concept, followed by the brand designing to finish with the styleframes production. Since the 3D modeling, until animation final cut post production, I have been exploring each one of these processes and helped me to understand the big picture of how to solve this kind of visual communication needs.

What I learned:

After taking the course and working with this project, I keep on my records a first draft of how to approach projects like this which brings me confidence to pursue creative challenges similar to this exercise.

I feel very happy with the improvement on my strategic and technical skills along this project, and gladly I can see a motion design piece that reaches standard industry quality. No doubt there is still a lot much more to learn and improve and it will be interesting to compare the result of this project, with the results of the next 5 years.

Project details:

Project Name: Creatonik Ad Spot

Release Date: August 2021

Version: Director’s Cut

Client: Personal Project

Agency: PCHMotions

Roles: Generalist

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