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  • Client: PCC

  • Agency: MKLarochelle

  • Video Editor

  • Motion Designer

  • Graphic Designer


The Prostate Cancer Centre has the mission to support men and families with personalized care, research, and education.


The challenges they face to promote and bring awareness about what they are doing are challenging and growing at a fast speed. As a creative collaborating with the cause, I embrace it.


With the assistance of the content that I provide, the marketing team has been able to successfully move towards achieving their yearly goals.


These goals include increasing the number of men tested, conducting mental health checks, and significantly extending their area of service throughout the province of Alberta. 


In my role, I contribute significantly to the production of a wide array of deliverables, which range from print to broadcast advertising.


This involves working closely with various teams to ensure that all products are of the highest quality and meet the standards set by our organization. 

Case Study

Prostate Cancer Centre

Broadcast TV Spot

Without a doubt, the project that posed the most substantial challenge was the creation of a television advertisement intended to be broadcast during the Calgary Stampede, a notable annual rodeo, exhibition, and festival held in Calgary, Canada.

This project was a significant learning curve that allowed me to gain a thorough understanding of the advertising industry in Canada, particularly the stringent requirements and meticulous processes involved in getting a TV ad from the concept stage to being broadcasted to the public.

If you want to see the spot please contact me to schedule a meeting.

Infographic Videos

The data and results that the PCC has meticulously collected throughout their journey serve as impeccable resources that can be effectively presented through the medium of infographic explainer videos.


These videos are a potent tool that can successfully transform complex data into a narrative that is not only comprehensive but also easy for the viewer to digest and understand. 

Working with Javier has been an enriching experience. Your dedication and profesionalism have significantly contributed to our projects, helping us reach our goals. We look forward to more successful collaborations in the future.

Monika Larochelle, Head of Design and Production


Another marketing campaign that had a significant distribution and made a substantial impact was the Free PSA Blood Test at West Edmonton Mall.


This particular campaign was not just confined to a small area but rather, it had an impressive and widespread distribution across the facilities in the mall, effectively reaching a large number of people.

The campaign's extensive reach generated a considerable number of marketing impacts within the local community, thereby raising awareness and contributing to the overall success and visibility of the campaign.

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