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Logo + Motion Video Presentation


Project Description:

A new department of the Mexican Government, SINAICA, studies the air quality of Mexico City and contracted me to create their logotype and a motion video for the presentation of their organization to the mass media.

A lot of sketching and analyzing of the institutional brand (GOB.MX) references brought the new logo to life. Some boundaries were very clear, but I had the freedom to play with the main shape of the imagotipo. The result ended with a colorful silhouette that matched perfectly with the visual of the Mexican Government's institutional identity.

Using different aesthetics, while creating a calmer and less institutional feeling, achieved the objective of creating a video that would be understood by youth and seniors. Despite the width of the target audience, the logo corresponded to the institutional requirements and is still used today.

  • Client: SINAICA

  • Agency: PCHStudio

  • Role: Art Director / Motion Designer

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