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International Motion Design Experience

The Big Picture

Project Description:

One of the projects that make me feel very proud is this video for National Geographic: The Big Picture.

I was selected by Visually agency to work with motion designers, scripters, and infographic designers; each one from a different part of the world.

The project was to develop the motion design assets for a National Geographic TV show. The Big Picture was a video telling the world story using maps of every continent. This project was a challenge in terms of creating a different aesthetic for each map according to the story.

After many months of hard work, I concluded the mission with a feeling of satisfaction. I was honored to have had the chance to participate in this international experience.

The team fulfilled National Geographic’s expectations and as a result, it was a success!

You can find the TV show on Fox Play app if you want to take a look at it.

  • Client: National Geographic

  • Agency: Visually

  • Role: Motion Designer

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